Intaglio is in the planning, development, and game software, Web site construction, and development issues by a wide range of consulting and development.

InteRio undertakes various tasks, including developing plans for all types of computer game software, creating websites, and development consulting.

We strive to make them “MORE INTERESTING and CONVENIENT.”

The policy of our company is to make computers and the Internet “more interesting and more convenient” to use.

Interio develops a variety of projects, e.g. creating Websites, developing TV and flash games, provides consulting services regarding development lines and programs.

Main Projects


  • PlayStation2
  • PlayStation Portable
  • Nintendo DS / Wii

Servers for mobile phones

  • iPhone applications
  • Docomo,au(Brew),SoftBank
  • Official site billing server development
  • Official site management support system

Game genres

  • Racing game (2D,3D)
  • Flight action(3D)
  • RPG / Adventure
  • 3D Fighting / Mahjong
  • Pachinko, Pachislot (console game, mobile)
  • Game development tools (for mobile phones)


  • Top Page development for corporate clients (+ a version in English or any other European language)
  • A data management system for a real estate Website
  • Questionnaire research system

Interio, Inc.

Interio Inc. Please feel free to contact us regarding Web systems and content. We shall be happy to answer your inquiry or provide you with an offer.

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